Social Justice Teachings: A Catholic Perspective

Published March 5, 2012 by Emily Chocolate

What is Catholic Social Teaching?

Catholic Social Teaching sums up the teachings of the Church on social justic issues. It promotes a vision of a just (fair) society that is grounded in the Bible and in the wisdom gathered from experience by the Christian community as it has responded to social justices issues through history.

Three Elements

The social teachings are made up of three different elements:

  1. Principles for reflection;
  2. Criteria for judement;
  3. Guidelines for action.

Action Guidelines

We respod to different social situations in different ways.

Uniform guidelines for action wouldn’t work because societies are so different from one another, and they are always changing over time creating new situations with different problems and possibilities.

‘See’, ‘Judge’, ‘Act”

Since Vation 2 the methodology that has been promoted asks us to read the ‘signs of the time’

using the

‘see’, ‘judge’, ‘act’ methodology (way of thinking)

Key Themes in CST (Catholic Social Teaching)

Human Dignity- self worth


The Common Good- water/food

Universal Destination of Goods




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