DAVE IN The Life

Published March 7, 2012 by Emily Chocolate

What issue is covered in the video?

  • homelessness

What are the main causes of the issue?

  • Drugs
  • mental illness
  • alchol
  • gambling
  • Domestic violence

What are the consquence of the issues?

  • No food
  • have to sleep on the group (people have to sleep ruff)
  • Tried
  • grumpy
  • hungry
  • begging
  • Discrimination
  • No Dignity
  • Scared
  • Loneliness

How do the affected people cope with this issues?

  • Positive attuidue

What is the governmenbt and other charities doin to assist with the issue? bbg

  • the Government is trying to half the number by 2020
  • Missionbeat
  • Mathew Talbot Hostel

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