Environmental Issues

Published March 21, 2012 by Emily Chocolate
  • Solar Energy and Wind Power have grown 30 percent over the past five years


  • 5,500 children die each day from dieases linked to polluted food, air and water.


  • Australian  Official Development Assistance toward addressing climate change is estimated  at around $160 million in 2010–11.
  • The global rate of ice melt has more than doubled since 1988 and could raise sea levels 27 centimetres by 2100.
  • Disposal of wastes, particularly sewage, directly into oceans is a major source of pressure on marine and coastal areas. Population growth and increasing urbanisation, industrialisation and tourism is increasing the extent of the coastal degradation.


  • Environmental sustainability is a critical issue that cuts across the development process. Australia’s aid program promotes environmentally sustainable development in three ways.


    • by ensuring that possible impacts on the environment are adequately assessed and managed in the design and implementation of all aid activities
    • by funding projects that directly target environmental issues. The aid program invests in natural resource management, renewable energy, waste management, water resource planning and management, water supplies and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, conservation and capacity building
    • by supporting the efforts of international and regional organisations addressing global environmental problems. These organisations include the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund, the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Tropical Timber Organisation and the South Pacific Regional Environment Program. Over 70 per cent of Australia’s contributions to the GEF supports climate change related activities or activities aimed at conserving biodiversity.Image



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