Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Biography

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Born 27th January 1956 in Salzburg, Austria.

Mozart’s first Musical Piece, a scherzo by Georg Christoph Wagenseil.

 (Georg Christoph Wagenseil)

Mozart’s first documented public appearance, as a singer in the Salzburg Latin play Sigismundus Hungariae Rex.- sept. 1761

at the age of 6 he was a profensional harpsichord

Mozart gives his first public performance as a musical virtuoso, at the Trinity Inn, Linz. – Oct. 1762

In Vienna, the Mozarts are received by Maria Theresa and her consort, Francis I, at Schönbrunn. – Oct. 1762

Mozart falls ill with a “rash” — scarlet fever. -Oct. 1762

In Munich, Mozart performs for the court of Bavarian Elector Maximilian III Joseph. -Jun. 1763

At Frankfurt on Main, Mozart and his sister perform at four concerts; the 14-year-old Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is among those in the audience. -Aug. 1763

they perform at Aix-la-Chapelle for Princess Amalia of Prussia, the sister of Frederick the Great. -Sept. 1763

At Brussels, a grand concert given by Mozart and his sister is attended by the Governer-General of the Austian Netherlands, Prince Charles of Lorraine, brother of Emperor Francis I. -Oct. 1763

First public Paris concert. Mar. 1764

Second Paris concert. Apr. 1764

Mozart and his sister perform for King George III and Queen Sophia Charlotte.-Apr. 1764

Second performance at the court.- May. 1764

Mozart is examined by English scientist Daines Barrington. –Jun. 1765.

Mozart falls ill with intestinal typhoid; he remains in danger for nearly two months. – Nov. 1765

First public performance of one of his symphonies (K. 22), at Amsterdam. William V, Prince of Orange, is installed. At the ceremonies, compositions by Mozart are performed. – Jan- Mar. 1766.

Mozart falls ill with rheumatism.- Nov. 1766

In Olomouc (Olmütz), Mozart falls ill with smallpox. – Oct. 1767.

Mozart recovers from smallpox. – Nov. 1767.

Mozart begins work on La finta semplice (K. 51). Mozart finishes La finta semplice (K. 51), but no performance is forthcoming; Leopold blames Vienna’s composers. Apr.- Jul. 1768

Several works by Mozart, including the “Waisenhaus,” (K. 139) are performed at the dedication of a new orphanage in Vienna. – Dec. 1768.

Mozart gives his first concert in Italy, at the Accademia filarmonica of Verona.-  Jan. 1770

Mozart passes the examination for admittance to the Accademia filarmonica of Bologna. – Oct. 1770

Mozart is granted an annual salary of 150 florins asKonzertmeister. – Aug. 1772.

Mozart petitions the Archbishop of Salzburg to allow him and his father to seek their fortunes elsewhere. In response, the archbishop dismisses them both from his service; he later relents and allows Leopold to keep his post of deputyKapellmeister.  – Aug. 1777

In Mannheim, Mozart meets the Fridolin Weber family and falls in love with the second-eldest daughter, Aloysia. -Jan. 1778

Mozart’s mother, Anna Maria, dies in Paris. – Jul. 1778

Mozart petitions the archbishop, asking to be assigned to the post of court organist. The position carries a yearly salary of 450 gulden. – Jan. 1779

Mozart competes against Muzio Clementi in a pianoforte contest before Joseph II. Dec.1781

Mozart marries Constanze Weber at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna. –Aug. 1782

Mozart’s son Raimund Leopold dies in Vienna. – Aug. 1783.

Mozart begins his thematic catalogue. – Feb. 1784

Karl Thomas (2nd kid), is born. – Sept. 1784

Johann Thomas Leopold(3rd kid), is born. Johann Thomas Leopold dies of suffocation. –Oct-Nov. 1786

Mozart’s father, Leopold Mozart dies in Salzburg.- May. 1787.

Theresia (4th kid) is born. – Dec. 1781

Theresia (his 4th kid) dies of intestinal cramps.-Jun. 1788

Anna Maria ( his 5th kid) is born but dies one hour later. –Nov. 1789

Franz Xaver Wolfgang (6th kid) is born.- Jul. 1791.

Died – 1 am on 5th Dec. 1791. at the age of 35 due to hitziges Frieselfieber (fever)

He has over 600 works ( concerto, sonata’s symphonies, and opera’s)

he was little brat (very implite to high people)

his perfect works were written latter in life.

he was in poverty most of his life because he was very picky.

he was influenced by Baroque period.

people have analized his work for 250 year

his work is was new for his period

most people wrote for the chruch, but mozart didn’t like writing for religious groups.

His Perfect works- don Giovony, Recqreo mass and Magic Flute

He composed more music than anyone that lived twice as long.


Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Beethoven was a German

17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827

performed in public by the age of seven

wrote 9 symphonies, 7 concertos, 17 string quartets, 32 piano sonatas, and 10 sonatas for violin and piano.

hearing problems as early as 1802, almost totally deaf by 1816

More than 20,000 people attended his funeral.


The Symphony

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Mozart, Beethoen and Haydin are the main composers


Symphony is an orcheasta work

First movement are usually in Binary Form

Symphonic form was influenced by Germanic practice

Four Movements

– Fast (opening sonata or allegro)

-Slow (such as adagio)

-Fast (minuet with trio )

-Dance (allegro, rondo, or sonata)

Haydin wrote 108 symphonies in 36 years

Mozart wrote 56 Symphonies in 24 years

United Nations- Declaration of Human Rights

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What Are Human Rights?

Human rights are the rights and freedoms that we all have.

  • Some human rights are based on our physical needs.

The right to life, food and shelter.

  • Other Human rights to protect us.

The right to be free form tocture, cruel treatment and abuse

  • Human rights are also there to ensure we develop to our fullest potential

            The right to education to work to particapate in the community

Everybody has human rights. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what language you speak or what religion you belong to. You have a duty to respect yours. Nobody can take you rights.

Why do Human Rights Matter to me?

  • 1 child in 3 is poor
  • 1 child in 7 does not have a proper home
  • 1 child in 4 is phyiscally abused

It is vital that all young people know their rights.

Where do rights come from?

Human rights are based on the values of:

  • Diginty
  • Justice
  • Respect
  • Equality

Human rights were offically recoginsed as values by the world when the United Nations was setup.

What is the United Nations?

The united Nations (UN) is an international organisation that was established in 1945, the year the second world war ended.

Its founders hoped it would be able to prevent catastrosphes like the Holocaust from ahppening in the future.

So promoting huam rights became an aim of the UN, along with maintaining international peace and reducing poverty.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The united nations Universal Declaration of Human rights (UDHR) is the most famoue human rihts agreement in the world. IT cotains 30 human rights.

According to the UDHR, you have the right to:                                                                            

Who wrote the UDHR?

The people who wrote the UDHR came from: Australia, Chile, China, France, Lebanon, the former Soviet Union, and the UK and the US.

Absolute vs. Relative Poverty

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Absolute poverty

Absolute poverty measure the number of people living below a certain income threshold or the number of households unable to afford certin basic goods and servies. Example: 3rd World Country

Relative Poverty

Relative poverty measures the extent to which a household’s finacial resources fall below an average income threshold for the economy. Although living standards and real incomes have rown because of the higher employment and sustained economic growth over recent years, the gain in income and wealth have been unevenly distrubuted arcoss the population. Example: living in Australia on a low income

Poverty Affects 150 million children across the world.-http://www.unicef.org.au/


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It is located in South-East asia.

Cambodia is facing land mines, which cause injury and death and it reduces agricutral land.

Australia is helping by funding the removal and education of  land mines ($175 m.) They are turning it into farm land to grow food.

Today 2 per day die of land mines before 12 per day died.


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Kiribati it is located in the middle of the pacific ocean and is the most eastern country in the world. 22 of the31 islands are populated

The Issue that Kiribati is facing is that the sea level is rising and the island is stinking (climate Change.) They are loosing water supplies, shelter and homes.

There president is going around and asking other country leaders to stop polluting the sea. Australia is helping educated to people to help with reloaction or migration.